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Website Building & Online Marketing Plans for Small Business…

My name is Jamie. I am committed to helping local Entrepreneurs and small business owners create a search engine optimized, WordPress CMS website. I also strive to educate my clients on website management and content creation.

I know exactly how overwhelming it can be to tackle such a vast project of creating an online identity and marketing strategy when you don’t know where to start. I also know how expensive it can be to hire a creative firm to build your website. That is exactly why I created this program. I am dedicated to providing an economical solution that enables business owners to take control of their online marketing efforts. I offer inexpensive websites and affordable coaching services.

I am not in the business of marketing, I am in the business of teaching…

My services are unique in that I truly believe a small business owner needs to be able to market themselves. Many small businesses or Entreprenuers who are just starting out…have more time than money and are not in the position to hire a marketing firm to promote their business.

With all the online tools available now days from Search Engine Optimization tactics, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing and web analytics…it can be confusing when working with a limited budget and trying to get the word out about the products or services you provide.

This is where I come in…it is my goal to TEACH  business owners and Entrepreneurs how to take charge of your own Online Marketing efforts. Instead of relying on someone else to produce content for you (that you have to pay them for)…I encourage you to learn how to do it yourself so that you can funnel your hard earned money back into your own pocket.

Aside from designing an optimized website, I also have a variety of coaching packages. I can help you develop a strategic Online Marketing Plan, learn how to use the internet to obtain new business leads, create dynamic content, use web analytics and even how to easily and effectively add content and manage your own website without knowledge of code or programming.

I want to Emancipate business owners in the marketing world so that (no longer) do you need to hire someone to do each little thing for you.

Your business, your blog, your shop, your career…

it’s time other people knew what you have to offer.

Contact me today at (719) 208-4172 or visit our Specials page to take advantage of current promotions.